What Clients are saying Roberta Grant and Feng Shui of Life in Atlanta Georgia

Testimonials for Feng Shui of Life

I REALLY needed help and Roberta came to the rescue! I’d made several attempts to redo things in my house but just don’t have a knack for decorating. When I saw the newspaper article about Roberta’s new Feng Shui business, she seemed like she’d be down-to-earth and easy to work with. She’s been that and much, much more!

Right away I was impressed with her knowledge and way of respecting my thoughts about things, yet gently guiding me into new suggestions. Always dependable, Roberta will be there on time and likely do more than you expect! She’s got a great “can do” attitude and often goes out of her way to facilitate things.

Unlike a lot of other contractors you might hire to do jobs in your house, Roberta really cares and it shows!"

– Christine: Decatur, Georgia

"I want you to know that I have made the changes to my home that you recommended. I spent most of last week-end pressure washing the front porch, which went from green to white! I know that was hindering my career big time! Also, a friend gave me a larger wind chime that is made of black metal and black rocks to replace the smaller one.

Since I have implemented these and other changes, a new job opportunity has come up, and I am very hopeful. In addition, my boss has finally started acting to find more contractors to work for me, and my boss's boss came up to me and complimented me on the great work I did.

I wish you the best of luck in your Feng Shui practice, and thanks for all of your help!"

– Caroline Dunn : Alpharetta, Georgia

Follow Up:

"I just wanted to write to you to let you know that today I was offered, and I accepted my new job! This job is my ideal job. It is just as good, if not better than the job I was turned down for prior to your help. Your expert Feng Shui advice really helped me out. I swear that after I made the changes you recommended, I had the most awesome interviews of my life! From the day that you came to my house to today was about six weeks. I'm very happy how quickly everything happened."

– Caroline Dunn : Alpharetta, Georgia

"Dear Roberta, Thank you so very much for my money frog! I think of you each time I see him at my door, ushering in good fortune. How very thoughtful of you to give me the very accurate & informative paper pertaining to the #1 which is my condo number. You really take customer service to a whole new level. Thank you for all the little things you do to make our world a little more peaceful and Zen."

– Leah : Atlanta, Georgia

"When Roberta Grant initially came to our corporate offices, I was skeptical about Feng Shui, but remained open at the prompting of my staff members. Roberta analyzed our environment and how people interact within the offices. She has a unique ability to assess and present ideas clearly and meaningfully.

Our staff actually enjoyed the process. Personally, I was surprised at the immediate change within my executive suite with the strategic placement of my furniture to accentuate efficiency and authority. She created some practical changes to layout and furniture placement for the entire corporate offices, as well. With her recommendations of color, elements, desk placement, and plants, the office is now more functional – more spacious – more positive. I recommend Roberta's work in corporate settings. Even if there is initial skepticism, like us, you may be pleasantly surprised."

– Bruce T. Blythe, CEO : Atlanta, Georgia
Crisis Management International, Inc

"Believing is a matter of trust! Our house had been on the market for a long time, and we were beginning to think that it would never sell. That's when Roberta Grant, Feng Shui consultant, came in to help.

She told us we needed to BELIEVE it would sell. We met her at our now empty house with specific items (like bird seed and a big red envelope). Roberta quietly went about her work. Afterwards we thanked her, and as she was leaving, she said to give it a month and things should begin to happen.

One month later, our real estate agent called and said a family had fallen in love with our house, and were signing a contract. Roberta's Feng Shui had worked!"

We can't recommend Roberta enough if you are interested in selling your home. She gets the job done, which is the main thing, and she does it in an unobtrusive, caring manner. She is a pleasure to work with!"

– Susan & Jon Barry : Marietta, Georgia

"We moved our office/warehouse in March 2004, and wanted advice on how to keep a positive energy flowing in our building.

Roberta helped us in many areas such as a welcoming entryway, furniture placement, and art and mirror hanging. She made many recommendations for individual offices. Her professional approach to the practice of Feng Shui was informative, educational, and fun. We highly recommend Roberta Grant."

– Kent Goodman & Lorri Brown : Space Flooring and Supplies